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Rulez Of Site

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Rulez Of Site Empty Rulez Of Site

Post by Admin Thu Sep 17, 2009 11:53 am

Few General Rules

1. There will be no disrespecting any of the Admins, Moderators or Members that participate here @ a1sockz.vampire-legend.net . Every individual here is to be treated with respect. Any instance of disrespect will be dealt with accordingly by knopper. If you have an issue with a fellow member contact them directly using the Private Messaging System to discuss it or contact a Moderator to address the issue. If the problem is still not able to be resolved after such time, You may than bring the issue to either Administrator

2. There will be no advertising of websites in your signature, in your posts or on the shout box without direct permission from either knopper. If such advertisements are found on the site they will be removed, if they are displayed again you will be permanently banned from the site.

3. There are to be NO links directing the members of a1sockz.vampire-legend.net to download any Files whether it be exe, mp3's, zip files and more. Any Such Links that are found to be posted on this site shall result in 1 warning. If you are found to do it again over any course of time, you will be permanently banned from this site.

4. No one is to have more than one user account without specific permission from either knopper or

5. There is to be no BS posting. Any and All posts must be in relation to the topic at hand unless creating a new topic which must relate to the forum category. If You do make BS Posts you will be banned.

6. Contacted & Warned By Either An Admin Or A Moderator, In Which Time You Will Be Requested To Reread The Rules And Reply To The Admin Or Mod Informing Them That You Have Read The Rules & Shall Not BS Post Again.

7. Deducted 100 Points If You Have To Be Warned Again About BS Posting And Be Requested To Repeat Number 1.

8. Banned From vipsocks.Org For Complete Disregard Of The Rules That Are Enforced If You Need To Be Spoken To For A 3rd Time In Regards To BS Posting.

9. Do NOT BS post in other members toss threads, this includes but is not limited to comments such as "Superb Toss" or "wow nice socks" or "can you teach me how to make socks" etc, etc. Only time you ever need to post in the toss threads are if you are claiming an ID. All other Posts Will Be Considered BS Posts!

10. SIGNATURES must not exceed 400x200 (PIXELS) If Your Signature does not meet this requirement you are requested to fix it immediately. You Will receive 1 friendly warning, if your signature is still than exceeding the image requirement it will be deleted from the site.

These Rules are subject to change and it is your responsibilty as a member of a1sockz.vampire-legend.net to read these rules and adhere to the m.


1 : Being an active poster, not just a downloader or a ghost. That means your participation in forum's activities are highly encouraged.

2 : Posting in the correct forums. Any violation will be warned or banned.This is mainly a Warezboard and also a forum to relax and release stress.

3 : Expression of Racist talk or opinions are not allowed under any circumstance.

4 : Help out to other members, friendly with others, especially new members.

5 : Using the Search function and the index system of the forum before you make any other posts to request.

6 : Respect decisions of the staff under any circumstances, as their decisions will be final.

7 : If you have a problem with another member of this community, use the Personal Message ( PM ) system to inform the Staff member such as: ( Moderators or Administrators ) about the situation and we will try to make things straight.

8 : No advertising allowed without staff permission under any circumstances accept the Advertising sections, this also includes hosting and other product offers and this also applies to the VIP section.


1 : Its size cannot be greater than 100x100 pixels ( height x width ) and 100KB

2 : It shouldn't be offensive in any way to anyone or anything

3 : Exceptions will be applied to Platinum member or Staff members.


1 : Signature's length cannot be greater than 380 characters

2 : Image placed in the signature cannot be bigger than 150x400 pixels (height x width)

3 : Images placed in the signature cannot be offensive in any way

4 : One image can be used in the signature ONCE only

5 : Advertising warez-related forums in the signature is strongly prohibited ( will resolve in the signature deletion and a warning! ) Unless you have special permission from UDS-Staff.

6 : A sig cannot contain any links to a blog or forum.


1 : Before making a post use the SEARCH function.

2 : Add Your links to existing topics ( if there are any )

3 : Information is cruicial so always add it to Your post ( screenshots, if available, as well )

4 : Always add a VALID link and a fix ( if one exists )

5 : Check fix-links ( viruses, worms, Trojans and browser hijackers ) before posting

6 : If You want to add a reply to Your topic, please use the EDIT button instead of making double-posts

7 : Do not Flood our board. Violation will be punished.

8 : Always post a virustotal or any other sites scan result wid ur program violating which u may get a warning n if u do not follow it den eventually a Ban.

9 : Do not post links or submit programs, softwares which are infected with trojand or keyloggers without another users knowledges.

10 : U cannot put any forums url or links in ur program screenshot or scan link other den vipsocks.Org.


1 : A maximum of 3 warnings can be given to a member of this forum.

2 : These can be earned by breaking any of the above rules.

3 : After the 3th warning given, Your account will be banned automatically

4 : If u Get Banned, depends on the violation that you made as well as ur activity in forum, we will decide ur time of banned.

5 : If You redeem yourself, You will lose the warnings through time.
Ways to get a WARNING or a BAN:

Ban Rules(Ignoring dem will lead to ur ban) -

1 : Intentionally try to post against the a1sockz.vampire-legend.net reputation; user will get no warning but an immediate ban .

2 : Arguing/Abusing with a MOD/ADMIN ( Doesn't matter in site pm or shoutbox)

3 : Reposts ( one mistake can hapen, if it happens often you will receive an official warning )

4 : Double-posts ( for not using the EDIT button a warning will be given )

5 : Posting porn content (if found posted warning or ban will be given)(also by PM)

6 : Excessive swearing (if You get caught, a warning will be given)

7: Advertising other forums (if advertised "too much" a warning or ban will be given)

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